From taschenberger at Thu Mar 31 06:39:43 2016
From: taschenberger at (Holger Taschenberger)
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:39:43 +0200

Subject: looking for HEKA Pulse, Patchmaster and XChart sample data files
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Dear Igor users,

I'm looking for some help from patch-clamp electrophysiologists
using HEKA software for data acquisition and Igor for data analysis:

I wrote a small XOP for importing HEKA data files into Igor (<>).
It is basically a clone/fork of the PPT XOP originally written by F
Mendez & W?rriehausen many years ago. My XOP contains only the data
loading functions, everything else was dropped (because when using a
modern Igor version those things are easier to implement and maintain as
Igor functions anyway).

The first goal was to 'modernize' the code such that the XOP dialogs
look and behave more 'civilized' when running a recent version of the
windows OS. The second goal was to allow the XOP Operations to be used
in compiled user functions (without requiring "Execute ...").

That required numerous changes to the code and I'm now afraid that I may
have introduced new bugs.

Therefore I would very much appreciate if people would send my sample
data files, especially data that was acquired on non-intel Macs (and
therefore requires byte swapping) and most importantly XChart data files
(because I don't use XChart myself).

Ideally these files would be rather small, just to give me the
opportunity to check the loading.

Sample data files can be uploaded to my Dropbox account at

Thank you very, very much,

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